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Wirelessly Transfer Photos & Videos between iPhone, iPad, iPod and Computer with Wireless Transfer App

I have lots of great photos taken with my iPhone. I do want to transfer them to my computer. However, when I connected my iPhone with my PC via cable, what I found on my phone was countless folders, with several photos in each one. I didn’t want to copy all the photos to my computer and then view them folder after folder. And it was really difficult to find a specific photo, let alone to organize and categorize them. In a word, I hate this way of transferring photos from my iPhone to my computer.

Transferring photos from PC to iPhone brings me big headache too. It seems that I can only get the pictures in one computer transferred. If I want to transfer photos from another computer to my phone, the photos previously downloaded to the phone will be erased. Besides, every time I start the transfer, I need to put the photos into a specific folder first. Otherwise, the photos that have previously been synced to my device will be erased too.

You will find it more complicated to transfer photos & videos from one iPhone to another, from iPad to iPhone, from iPhone to iPad, and such. It is just too troublesome to send & receive photos between two Apple devices via iMessage or Email. It is also inadvisable to exchange photos and videos among iPhone, iPad and iPod devices using iTunes, which, in my opinion, is so stupid and hard to use.

Having said all of the above, what on earth is the easiest and fastest way to transfer photos and videos among iPhone, iPad, iPod and computer? Actually, there are lots of Windows and Mac software tools on the Internet that work great for transferring files between computer and device. However, this kind of software tool usually costs 20-30 dollars and you need to download and install it to your computer. It just looks like an upgraded version of iTunes.

The iOS app named Wireless Transfer App caught my attention. I am fond of it so much that I will never use iTunes to transfer photos and videos from and to my iPhone once again. As its name indicates, this $0.99 app takes advantage of Wi-Fi network to transfer photos and videos between computer and device. With Wireless Transfer App, you can transfer photos and videos

From iPad to iPad
From iPad to iPhone
From iPhone to iPhone
From iPhone to iPad
From iPad to Computer
From iPhone to Computer
From Computer to iPad
From Computer to iPhone

Wireless Transfer App

Wireless Transfer App makes transfer of your photos/videos from/to your computer as well as to your iPad, iPhone, iPod touch a breeze!

Download YouTube Music Video to iTunes Mac with Clone2Go YouTube Downloader App

If you are fond of watching music videos on YouTube, you will certainly feel very annoyed and frustrated by the embedded ads at the beginning of the videos. Meanwhile, if there’s not very high network connection, the video will be buffering from time to time and the watching experience will be quite terrible.

So if you are really crazy about a singer and want to enjoy all his/her music videos on YouTube, why not download them all? No need to pay for the CDs. No need to tolerate the annoying ads.

How to do that? It will be very easy and fast if you have the handy Clone2Go YouTube Downloader app installed to your Mac. This app is totally free of charge. It lets you download any YouTube videos as MP4/3GP/FLV files and save them to your Mac HDD.

Download YouTube Music Video to iTunes Mac

Download YouTube Music Video to iTunes Mac with Clone2Go YouTube Downloader App

After you have all the music videos downloaded to your Mac, you will have full control over them. I used this tool to download 22 videos (about 5 minutes each) from YouTube and chose MP4 as the output format. I also ticked the “HD MP4 if it is availble” option. After choosing all of them for downloading, I went out for lunch. When I came back in about 30 minutes, I found that all the videos had been fully downloaded. I was very happy as I would be able to enjoy them later in the afternoon.

I also tried importing the downloaded videos into iTunes library. To my excitement, all of them were added to the “Movies” section in the library. I then felt no hesitation to connect my iPad with my Mac laptop and synced the videos to the iPad. Within a few minutes, I could watch all the videos on my iPad. So great!

When I shared this method with my colleagues, they also liked Clone2Go YouTube Downloader app very much. And I’d like to give 5-star award to this great app.

Make Loving Wedding Slideshow with DVD Photo Slideshow

My fiancée and I have decided to host our wedding ceremony in 2 months. As the exciting day approaches, we do anticipate a remarkable wedding, with best wishes from our families and friends and sincere marriage vow from the better half. We have known each other for more than 4 years and gone through too much in the meanwhile. We have also reached a consensus that the wonderful memories should be recorded in remembrance of our everlasting love.

So what is the best way to get our good old days recorded? As a digital photography fan, the first idea that came to my mind was to burn all our photos into a DVD disc. I then started to collect and sort all our photos and saved them to a folder in my computer. All of them took up to 2GB of my hard drive space. I inserted a DVD disc into my computer and began to burn the photos with the built-in DVD burner in my Windows 7 system. The burning process went very smoothly, yet the result was not that satisfying as expected. This idea failed and I had to give it up.

Actually, what I had expected was a DVD slideshow with all our photos. When playing the DVD on TV with a DVD player, what needed to be shown in front of us was a dynamic photo slide show with theme songs and sort of decoration effects. At this point, the DVD created using the built-in DVD burner in my computer was just too plain and monotone.

After doing a search for DVD slideshow software on Google for some time, I finally got the software I really needed. It was DVD Photo Slideshow developed by Socusoft. I felt so happy as this piece of slideshow software happened to have wedding themes. What’s more, it let me put photos from different folders into different albums, in which way I could better organize our photos. For example, I could create an album with all my fiancée’s photos, another album with all my photos, and a third album with all our photos. Also, I could make albums by genre of place, year, festival, etc. In total, there were 76 themes that could be used to decorate the albums. Several of them could be applied to a wedding slideshow. Since I was going to make a DVD slideshow, I certainly needed to choose a DVD menu that best fitted the wedding slide show. And there were also wedding menu templates in DVD Photo Slideshow. To be honest, the cool album themes and DVD menu templates were the primary reason why I chose DVD Photo Slideshow among a lot of other similar program.

wedding slideshow software

Like other DVD slideshow programs, DVD Photo Slideshow can create a slideshow with background music, transitions, Pan&Zoom, art clips, text, subtitles and more. I’m not going to elaborate them here. The last point is that DVD Photo Slideshow also lets users save the slideshow project as a video files and it offers optimized presets for popular portable devices such as iPad, iPhone, PSP, Zune, Creative Zen, Mobile Phone and more. As far as I am concerned, I am going to output all my albums in DVD Photo Slideshow to video files for viewing on my newly purchased Galaxy Tab. Hope the output quality won’t let me down.

At last, I’d like to say when I presented the slideshow DVD to my fiancée; she was very happy and truly touched by me. All my efforts paid off.

How to Show iCloud Photo Stream as a Slideshow on Apple TV

Want to show a quick slideshow to your friends and family of pictures contained within Photo Stream? Assuming you already have Apple TV signed into your iCloud account, do the following:

1. From the main Apple TV menu choose “Internet” and select “Photo Stream”
2. Choose “Slideshow” to start the slideshow

Apple TV Photo Stream Slideshow

By default this will go through all images contained within Photo Stream, that means every picture in the photos library of an iPhone and iPad, keep that in mind if you have pictures on any such device that you don’t necessarily want to share.

Want to show photos in your iPad on HDTV?

Download the $1.99 iPad app Photo Slideshow Director HD to help you.

Photo Slideshow Director HD is a slideshow app that lets you use your iPad to organize your digital photos from camera roll, Picasa web albums, Facebook photo albums, Flickr photo sets and create eye-catching slideshow with music, transitions, theme, text, artclips, etc in minutes. It encodes photo slideshow into HD video for sharing on YouTube and Facebook or for playback on an even bigger screen of HDTV.

iPad photo slideshow