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Best Free iPhone Slideshow App Ever – Photo Slideshow Director 4.0

Photo Slideshow Director, developed by Shenzhen Socusoft Co., Ltd, is a wonderful app that offers a very nice way to save your memorable photos into videos and share them with others. This iPhone app helps you creat photo slideshows with background music, transitions, themes, texts and more. This app is available for free at the iTunes App Store for a limited time period. Why not save $1.99 by downloading it now?

Photo Slideshow Director is a slide show app that lets you use iPhone to organize photos, Picasa albums, Facebook photos, Flickr photo sets, music and create eye-catching slideshow. It lets you play the slideshow on HDTV with Apple Digital AV adaptor and HDMI cable or Apple VGA Adapter at hi-resolution of 1280×720, export the slideshow to HD video and even upload the slideshow video to YouTube and Facebook directly.

The wireless transfer function has been added to Photo Slideshow Director 4.0. Now you can easily access the slideshow movie via Wifi connection. When you open the wireless transfer dialog, you can save the movie file on desktop PC or play the video on your iPad, iPhone and other mobile devices.

best iphone slideshow app

best iPhone slideshow app

Download Photo Slideshow Director from App Store >>

SlideshowZilla – create amazing photo slideshows

Reviewed by Jerome Johnston from

Imagine having the best digital camera in the world and taking up some awesome photos. No matter how good these photos are, if not viewed correctly, they lose their glow. Viewing pictures using the default Windows image viewer is boring and dull. Not even using the Windows slideshow feature is enough, as this feature is extremely limited. Turning to 3rd party applications for viewing images seems like a very good idea. A slideshow application like SlideshowZilla has all the user might want for viewing his photos.

SlideshowZilla Review

The first thing that will convince the user to get this application is the low hard disk space occupied by the program. Only 15 MB is required by the application to be installed. Speaking about installing, you don’t have to be a computer wiz to complete the installation wizard. Every step is intuitive and the overall process completes fast.

Clicking on the program’s shortcut will display an Explorer-like interface that makes it simple to add photos to the program. One just needs to navigate to the desired photo folder, where he can add all the pictures contained or only some of them. There is no graphical format that SlideshowZilla won’t recognize. Having completed this step, it’s time to move on to choosing a template for the slideshow. Speaking of which, there are a lot of themes to choose from, each having its own color, transition effect, button style and so on.

Themes can be modified by the user in any way he wants it. After choosing the theme, one can choose a song to be played during the slideshow. Audio files can be imported from the hard disk or from an audio CD inserted in the drive. Now it’s time to publish the slideshow, presuming that all the settings are chosen. SlideshowZilla can export a finished slideshow to a Flash file, for uploading on the web, but that’s not all. The application allows creating photo CDs or DVDs, which can act as a great gift for a loved one.

Nevertheless, slideshows can be uploaded to the producer’s website, allowing one to share his slideshow with the world. This requires having an account on the SkyAlbum website. If the user doesn’t have one, he shouldn’t worry. Creating an account takes less than a minute and it’s free.

It includes a lot of themes, each one featuring different colors, button styles and transition effects. Besides that, audio files can be played during the slideshow. Moreover, slideshows can be exported as Flash files and published online or can be exported to slideshow CDs or DVDs.

Uploading slideshows on the web requires having an account on the producer’s website. Besides that, the trial version displays an annoying logo on the slideshow photos.

SlideshowZilla is a new way of viewing photos, by creating some amazing slideshows.

Clone2Go YouTube Downloader for Mac Review

Clone2go YouTube Downloader is a very nice free video downloader. You can use it to download videos from YouTube and save them in three different formats: MP4, FLV and 3GP. The app has a very simple user interface that allows you to download 1 or several videos very easily. All you have to do is add a video URL, select the format and click on “Download”.

Clone2Go YouTube Downloader for Mac

There aren’t many settings you can play with. However, there is a checkbox that reads “HD MP4 if it is available”. This is one feature that I must absolutely have in a YouTube video downloader. I just love HD content. If you check this option, whenever there is a high definition version of your video available, it will be downloaded. This is absolutely automatic; you don’t have to select the version on your browser or anything like that.

In my testing, I downloaded a few HD videos just to see if the HD capabilities worked. And they did. My 30-megabyte video was downloaded very fast, and it looks every bit as good as it did on my web browser.

In short, this is such a great free tool. Many commercial downloaders don’t work as well as this one.

Reviewed by José Fernández

Create Photo Slideshow Video on iPad and Burn to DVD

You have a great number of photos on your iPad and they have already occupied lots of your iPad capacity? You have lots of photos saved to your online photo albums like Facebook, Picasa and Flickr and want to bring these still photos to life? Normally, you simply need to transfer these photos to your computer and then use the slideshow programs such as Windows Movie Maker, Windows DVD Maker, iMovie and iDVD to easily make photo slideshows. Also, with a few settings, you can also watch photos on your iPad in a slideshow way.

However, to make things easier, I’d like to show how you can make slideshows of your iPad photos, Facebook photos, Picasa photos and Flickr photos directly on your iPad.

The only app you need is Photo Slideshow Director HD. It can help you turn your photos into dynamic slideshow, complete with background music, transitions, texts, themes, etc. If you are unhappy with the effect of a photo, you can make full use of the photo editor embedded in this app to crop, rotate and flip the photo, adjust the brightness, saturation and contrast, apply beautiful stylistic effects, remove red eyes, add text or drawing and more.

When the slideshow is ready for showing, you can choose to play it on your iPad or on a bigger screen of HDTV. If you want to export the slideshow as a video file, you just choose to share the movie to your iPad Photo Library. Or if you want to share the slideshow on YouTube or Facebook, this app lets you do that directly.

Create photo slideshow on iPad and burn to DVD

So back to the topic of this article, it turns out so easy to create photo slideshow video on iPad and burn to DVD. The first part has been resolved already. And to burn the photo slideshow video to DVD, you just need to connect your iPad to a PC or Mac, copy the encoded video from your Photo Library to the PC or Mac, import the video into Windows DVD Maker (PC) or iDVD (Mac) and then burn the video to DVD within the program.

Now let me once again simplify the process of making photo slideshows on iPad and burning to DVD:

  1. Download the iPad app Photo Slideshow Director HD from the iTunes app store
  2. Create photo slideshows using Photo Slideshow Director and save it to your iPad photo library as a HD video
  3. Connect your iPad to a PC or Mac
  4. Copy the slideshow video from your iPac to the PC or Mac
  5. Import the slideshow video into Windows DVD Maker (PC) or iDVD (Mac)
  6. Burn the slideshow video to DVD in Windows DVD Maker or iDVD