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How to Convert Photos to Video

Compared with still pictures, a video file is a lot more true to life. However, we do not shoot video clips from time to time. More often, we tend to take pictures with our handheld cameras. The reason is that the captured video may bite a great majority of the device storage. Besides, if you have taken several video clips at a time, you will find it rather complicated to edit the various video segments later.

Just feel free to take photos to preserve the brilliant moments of life. With Photo to Video Converter, you will be able to turn your great photos into dynamic slideshow video with music, transitions, Pan & Zoom effects, text, and more. It lets you encode your photo slideshow into mp4, flv, mov, avi, mpg, mkv video files.

Now let me walk you through the steps to convert photos to video using Photo to Video Converter.

1. Download and install Photo to Video Converter onto your computer

Download Photo to Video Converter

Photo to Video Converter is available for both Windows and Mac users.

In this post, let’s focus on the Windows version.

2. Add and edit photos

Launch Photo to Video Converter. In the Organize Photos tab, you will be able to import photos you’d like to use for the slideshow. Then you can rotate the photos, rearrange the photos, add text to photos, insert blank slides, etc.

add and edit photos

3. Choose transition and music

Under Transition & Music tab, you can add background music, apply transition effect, set photo duration and transition duration, etc. Photo to Video Converter offers more than 300 transition effects for you to choose from. It enables to use one or more songs or part of a song as background music.

choose music and transition

4. Set theme

Click Album Theme tab to choose the theme for your slideshow, such as Christmas, birthday, Valentine’s Day, wedding, party, Thanksgiving, Easter, summer, autumn, vacation, sports, baby, etc.

choose theme

5. Convert photos to video

Click the Burn Disc tab at the top menu to go to the conversion window. You can choose output format from the Output Format drop-down list, which includes DVD Video Disc, iPod/iPhone/iPad MPEG-4 Movie, MPEG Movie, YouTube Uploaded Movie, MySpace Uploadable Movie, Archos Movie, SWF/FLV Movie, HD Video, Facebook Uploadable Movie, etc. Then click the Create Now button to begin converting.

convert photo to video

To learn more about how to use Photo to Video Converter, please go to Photo to Video Converter Guide.

Free Slideshow Maker for Windows

Photo to Video Converter, developed by Socusoft, is a totally free slideshow software program for Windows users. It lets you create dynamic MPEG slideshow movies with your digital photos in a snap. You can add songs to the slideshow as the background music, set Pan & Zoom effects for the slides, apply transition effects, select album theme, add text, etc. The album themes help you easily create birthday slideshow, wedding slideshow, valentine slideshow, Christmas slideshow, baby slideshow, and more with ease. When you get the output MPEG slideshow video, you can upload it to YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, Vimeo, etc. to share online. You can also transfer the slideshow video to mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod, BlackBerry, Android, etc. for playing.

Download Photo to Video Converter Free

free slideshow software for Windows

Key Features of Photo to Video Converter Free

Convert photos to MPEG slideshow video

Photo to Video Converter Free lets you turn your photos into slideshow video with ease. It outputs slideshow to MPEG video for sharing on YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, etc. or for playing with iPad, iPhone, iPod, Samsung Galaxy Series, HTC, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, and more.

Feature a great number of album themes

This free slideshow maker features a host of album theme templates, including Christmas, birthday, valentine, wedding, sports, graduation, Easter, Thanksgiving, vacation, winter, summer, and more.

Easily apply transitions, set Pan & Zoom, edit photo and more

To personalize your slideshow, you can easily apply transition effects, specify photo duration and transition duration, set Pan & Zoom effects, add text, insert bubble texts, etc. You can rearrange photo order, add blank slide, create new albums, and more as well.

Create slideshow with music and trim music

Free Photo to Video Converter is also an excellent music slideshow maker. You can easily create a slideshow movie with your favorite music. You can add songs from your computer hard drive, rip audio from a CD disc, and even record your own narrations as the background sound. If you only want a segment of the music, you can use the Trim feature to clip the exact length you need. There is also the option to sync the music with the slideshow, so that you can create a music slideshow movie perfectly.

If you’d like to tweak more features, have more output format options, or burn your slideshow to DVD, you might as well try this Photo Slideshow Software.

Learn more about Photo to Video Converter Free

Download Photo to Video Converter Free

Make Photo Slideshow with Pan & Zoom

A slide show with Pan & Zoom effects helps to turn your still photos dynamic. You can use the Pan & Zoom feature to control the coming and going directions of the photos in your slideshow. To create a slideshow movie or burn a slideshow DVD with photos, the customization of Pan & Zoom effects is indispensable. And this function can be easily found on any excellent slideshow software.

The DVD Photo Slideshow lets you create slideshow with Pan & Zoom effects with ease. With this slideshow maker, you can simply choose a custom preset Pan & Zoom effect, like Zoom In, Zoom Out, Pan From Left to Right, Zoom Out from Down to Up, etc. Or you can set Pan, Zoom and Rotate for the the starting position and the ending position by yourself. For the Pan, you can set the starting coordinate and ending coordinate. For the Zoom, you can enlarge (Zoom In) or shrink (Zoom Out) the beginning and ending of the slide. And for the Rotate, you can adjust the direction of the beginning and ending of the slide by rotate from -360 degree to 360 degree. The within the transition duration, the slide will be smoothly transited from the starting to the ending. If you have also specified transition effect for the slide, then the process is also accompanied with the effect.

Slideshow with Pan & Zoom

To use this feature, download and install DVD Photo Slideshow onto your computer. Then create a project and add photos to it from your computer. Double click any of the photos under the Album Photo tab or in the timeline, and you will go to the Photo Configuration window. There you will be able to set Pan & Zoom effects for the current slide.

Check to learn how to create photo slideshow using DVD Photo Slideshow.

How to Burn Wedding Slideshow DVD

Wedding is one of the most significant moments in one’s entire life. We all want to make our wedding ceremony special and unforgettable. Slideshow is often played during a wedding reception, showcasing the lives and eventual courtship of the bride and groom. It can also serve as an interesting focal point as guests mingle during the reception or be an actual part of the wedding program.

It takes much time and effort to create a fantastic wedding slideshow. You will need to pick the bride’s photos, the groom’s photos and photos of both being together. You will also need to choose suitable songs as the background music. You should make sure the output slideshow movie can be playable in the ceremony. So, what’s the most important is to find a piece of excellent slideshow software, which may save you lots of time.

To create wedding slideshows without hassle, the software titled Wedding Slideshow Studio is highly recommended.

Now let me show how you can burn a wedding slideshow DVD using Wedding Slideshow Studio.

1. Download and install Wedding Slideshow Studio onto your computer

Download Wedding Slideshow Studio

2. Organize photos

Launch Wedding Slideshow Studio. Click the “Organize Photos” tab to create one or more photo albums. Drag and drop photos from your computer hard drive to the album.

add wedding photos

There are four sub-menus under this tab:

Album Photo: You can add or remove photos, rotate photos, set album thumbnail, arrange the order of the photos, etc.

Note: Double click one single photo in the album and you will be able to personalize the photos (transition, Pan & Zoom, Text, ArtClips, Subtitle, Brightness / Contrast, etc.) one by one in the “Photo Configuration” window.

personalize wedding photos

Transition & Music: You can set background music, specify transition effect/duration, photo duration, randomize photo transitions, etc.

To set background music for the album, you can add a song from your computer hard drive, insert an audio CD and rip it with the built-in Audio Ripper, record your own voice, etc. You can trim your favorite music clip and also add more than one song as the background music to fit the length of the slideshow.

Album Theme: There are lots of album themes available for you to choose from. You may also add separate photos to the beginning and end of the album, and edit album beginning title and ending title, such as text, effect, duration, background color, etc.

choose wedding album theme

Album Preview: Preview the whole album before the conversion

3. Choose menus

Click the “Choose Menus” tab on the interface of Wedding Slideshow Studio to choose a DVD menu template for your wedding slideshow DVD. You can also specify the background music and background image, set font style, size, color, etc. to customize the menu template.

choose wedding DVD menu

4. Burn wedding slidshow DVD

After making all necessary settings, click the “Burn Disc” tab to start to burn wedding photo slideshow to DVD.

Insert a blank DVD into your disc drive.

burn wedding slideshow DVD

Extend the “Output Format:” menu, choose “DVD Video Disc” and click the “Burn Now!” button to start the DVD burning process.

Video Guide: Create Photo Slideshow on Windows

DVD Photo Slideshow lets you make photo slideshow on Mac OS X with ease. You can either create slideshow movie or burn slideshow DVD using this app. DVD Photo Slideshow is also available for Windows users. It is fully compatible with Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP. Compared with the Mac version, DVD Photo Slideshow for Windows has more features.

Below is the video tutorial as how to create photo slideshow on Windows using DVD Photo Slideshow.