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Video Guide: Create Photo Slideshow on Mac OS X

You can easily create photo slideshow on Mac OS X using DVD Photo Slideshow for Mac. Just add photos and music from your Mac, set a theme style, choose a DVD menu template (for DVD burning purpose), apply various effects, etc., and you will get a decent slideshow in minutes. Then you can either output the slide show as a video file or burn the slide show onto a DVD disc.

Here is the video tutorial as to how to create photo slideshow on Mac OS X using DVD Photo Slideshow:

How to Make YouTube Photo Slideshow Online

If you’d like to make a slide show with your photos and share it online, you do not need any third-party application to help you. You can create vivid photo slideshow video on YouTube directly. The Upload page of YouTube allows you to create online photo slideshows easily. Just select pictures from Picasa album or upload photos from your computer folders, and you will get an online YouTube slideshow after clicking several Next buttons. The slideshow movie will be published to your YouTube channel and pushed to your subscribers. You will also be able to embed the slideshow video into your blog or website and share the slideshow video to a lot more social websites.

Now let me show how you can create a YouTube photo slide show online:

1. Visit YouTube website and log in to your account.

2. Click The Upload button at the top of the web page.

3. In the Upload page, choose to Create Photo Slideshow in the sidebar.

create youtube photo slideshow

4. Then you can start to select photos for your slideshow.

select photos for youtube slideshow

When the photos are added, you can rearrange them.

5. Then you have the options to add background music, select slide duration (from 1 second to 10 seconds), set slide effect (Pan & Zoom or not), and apply transition effects (14 transition types in total). You can also set the slide duration to Fit to Music so that your slideshow matches the music perfectly.

edit youtube slideshow settings

6. Click the Upload button to start to upload your slideshow to YouTube.

The process is easy and fast. However, the slideshow created with this online method is just far from attractive. First, you cannot customize the photo duration for each slide. That’s to say, if you choose 2 seconds as the duration, then the duration for all the photos is 2 seconds. Then, though you can apply transitions for the slideshow, you also have only one single choice for all. It is that inflexible that the created slideshow can be never professional. To make a YouTube slideshow movie with your desired style, it is recommended using this Photo Slideshow Maker instead. It has enough features to help you make a satisfying slideshow and create your own masterpiece.

Create Photo Slideshow Video for Playing on Android

Slideshow is a distinctive way to show and share your photos with your family and friends. Using a slideshow creator, you can easily make a slideshow of your great photos with music, transitions, text, effects, and more. You can also output the slideshow to a movie file and even burn the slideshow to a DVD disc.

There are various reasons to encode your slideshow into video files. You can upload the slideshow video to websites like YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Flickr, etc. to share with your online friends. Or you can save the slideshow video to the cloud like Dropbox and SkyDrive so that all your computers and devices have access to the file. Besides, you can get the slideshow movie transferred to mobile devices like iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Xbox, and more so that you can enjoy the show anytime anywhere.

In this post, I’d like to focus on Android smartphones and tablets and show you how to create photo slideshow movie for playing on Android.

The only tool you need is Slideshow Maker for Mac.

1. Download and install Slideshow Maker to your Mac

Download Slideshow Maker fo Mac

2. Add photos and music

Launch Slideshow Maker. In the Images tab, you will be able to browse all the photos in your Mac. You can drag and drop pictures from iPhoto library or other folders in your Mac hard drive to the timeline.

Switch to the Music tab, and you will be able to add music from GarageBand or iTunes library to the timeline. You can load songs from other folders in your Mac hard drive as well.

add music to slideshow

3. Set theme and transition

Click the Theme tab, and you can select a theme for your slideshow. You can also click the Customize button and select a background image for the theme.

By default, the transition effects will be applied randomly and marked as dice icons. You can click the dice icon and select the transition effect you like. You can also choose to apply the transition to all photos.

set transition

4. Encode slideshow into MP4 video

While creating your slideshow, you can feel free to click the Play button to preview the real time effects.

Click menu DVD Photo Slideshow Professional -> Preferences… to go to the Options window. There you can specify the path and format (MP4 or MOV) for the output file.

choose output format

To make the slideshow video playable on Android devices, just choose MP4 as the output format.

Then click menu Share and choose Encode to Movie.

encode slideshow to movie

In the Share Video window, you can input title and description and set Video Size (Medium – 360, Large – 540p, HD – 720p or HD – 1080p) for the output video.

output slideshow video

5. Transfer slideshow video to Android

When you get the output slideshow video file, follow the steps below to get it transferred to your Android phone or tablet:

  • On the device, select Settings > Wireless and network > USB utilities, and choose the Connect storage to PC option.
  • Connect the device to your computer using the micro-USB cable.
  • On the screen of the device, select the Connect USB storage option.
  • A removable disk will mount to your computer. You will see it listed under Computer if you’re a Windows user, or on the Desktop if you’re a Mac user.
  • Drag and drop slideshow video file over to the removable disk. You may create a folder within the removable disk first for saving video files.

DVD Photo Slideshow Giveaway

Socusoft and Geekiest are cooperating to give away 5 licenses of Socusoft DVD Photo Slideshow. To participate this giveaway, please go to this page:

DVD Photo Slideshow lets you create photo slideshow movie and burn photo slideshow DVD in three simple steps. You can add background music and apply transition effects to the slideshow. There are lots of options to edit slides one by one, set Pan & Zoom effects, specify photo duration and transition duration, and more. It provides dozens of album templates and DVD menu templates for you to choose from.

DVD Photo Slideshow Giveaway

Create Slideshow Movie for Playing on iPhone 5s

The iPhone 5s is the seventh generation of iPhone and succeeds the iPhone 5. It is supplied with the redesigned iOS 7. What makes iPhone 5s most impressive is that it incorporates a 64-bit Apple A7 processor and a built-in fingerprint sensor called Touch ID on its updated home button.

Apart from purchasing movies and TV shows from iTunes Store for playing on iPhone 5s, you can also transfer and sync video files in your computer hard drive to the device, so long as the video is in the compatible format (MP4 or MOV).

If you have a bunch of photos in your computer which you’d like to put onto your iPhone 5s, you may choose to transfer them with the sync of iTunes. Or more specially, you can enjoy your photos on your iPhone 5s in a slideshow way.

To turn your photos into a slideshow movie for playing on iPhone 5s, the only tool you need is Photo DVD Burner. With this photo slideshow maker, you will be able to make photo slideshow video with music, transitions, album themes, Pan & Zoom, etc. with ease and speed.

create photo slideshow movie for iPhone 5s

Here is the step-by-step guide on how to make photo slideshow video for iPhone 5s.

When you get the output slideshow video files in MP4 or MOV format, launch iTunes and add them to iTunes library. Then connect your iPhone 5s with your computer via cable and sync the video files to the device via iTunes.