Create Slideshows & Music Videos from Your iPhone & iPad

By | February 1, 2012

Slideshow+: Photo to Movie with Music

Slideshow+It’s hard to imagine living without a camera right in your pocket, and that device also being your phone. Seriously, mommas, admit that you are a frequent iPhone picture-taker like me. Now, without having to sync your iPhone or iPad to your computer, you can create nice picture slideshow or music videos right from your device. If you are also like me, thinking about getting the wires out to plug in your phone to your computer, waiting for them to sync, yada yada yada, seems like a chore, doesn’t it? I’d much rather sit in the bathroom while my daughter takes a bath and compose a music video in minutes, then bother with the desktop. Pretty convenient, and makes sharing stories of your family’s life fun.

Slideshow+ ReviewSlideshow+, by Shenzhen Socusoft Co., Ltd., puts you in the director’s chair in creating your very own HD picture slideshow or music video, composed of pictures and music from your device, and can be shared via the internet and viewed on an HDTV. Slideshow+ is available for iPhone for $1.99. The Photo Slideshow Director HD is available for the iPad for $2.99.

Here’s how it works;

Grab pictures from Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, or your device’s camera roll. Choose all the pictures you’d like, and then setup what theme, transition, and music best set the scene. You can adjust the speed of the slideshow and turn the sound on and off in the settings options.

Slideshow+ ReviewHere’s the really cool part. You can export your video straight to Facebook, YouTube, Photo Library, or play it on your HDTV. I’m sure you are probably familiar with Facebook, YouTube, and emailing a video from your Photo Library, but watching the video on TV isn’t any harder. Just plug in an HDMI cable from your device to the TV, and voila! You can also watch the slideshow movies on TV via AppleTV AirPlay. This is perfect for when Grandma and Grandpa come over. They probably don’t know how to work those darn iPhones and iPads anyway, right?

Watch the video below to see my slideshow composed of pictures from when my family had a recent visit to the beach.

The Slideshow+ and Photo Slideshow Director HD are very useful apps for all moms to have on their devices, because moms love to share photos of their family, and what better way to do it than in a self-created slideshow or music video, that is easy to share with the world? Perfect to have in your mom app arsenal.


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