Download YouTube Music Video to iTunes Mac with Clone2Go YouTube Downloader App

By | July 18, 2012

If you are fond of watching music videos on YouTube, you will certainly feel very annoyed and frustrated by the embedded ads at the beginning of the videos. Meanwhile, if there’s not very high network connection, the video will be buffering from time to time and the watching experience will be quite terrible.

So if you are really crazy about a singer and want to enjoy all his/her music videos on YouTube, why not download them all? No need to pay for the CDs. No need to tolerate the annoying ads.

How to do that? It will be very easy and fast if you have the handy Clone2Go YouTube Downloader app installed to your Mac. This app is totally free of charge. It lets you download any YouTube videos as MP4/3GP/FLV files and save them to your Mac HDD.

Download YouTube Music Video to iTunes Mac

Download YouTube Music Video to iTunes Mac with Clone2Go YouTube Downloader App

After you have all the music videos downloaded to your Mac, you will have full control over them. I used this tool to download 22 videos (about 5 minutes each) from YouTube and chose MP4 as the output format. I also ticked the “HD MP4 if it is availble” option. After choosing all of them for downloading, I went out for lunch. When I came back in about 30 minutes, I found that all the videos had been fully downloaded. I was very happy as I would be able to enjoy them later in the afternoon.

I also tried importing the downloaded videos into iTunes library. To my excitement, all of them were added to the “Movies” section in the library. I then felt no hesitation to connect my iPad with my Mac laptop and synced the videos to the iPad. Within a few minutes, I could watch all the videos on my iPad. So great!

When I shared this method with my colleagues, they also liked Clone2Go YouTube Downloader app very much. And I’d like to give 5-star award to this great app.