Photo Slideshow Director HD Pro Guide (2) – Add Music

By | October 24, 2013

Photo Slideshow Director HD ProPhoto Slideshow Director HD Pro lets you create music video slideshow on iPad with ease. With this iPad slideshow maker app, you can easily and quickly turn your iPad photos as well as web photo albums into dynamic slideshow video with music.

Photo Slideshow Director HD Pro is available on the iTunes App Store. It is compatible with iOS 5, iOS 6 and the new iOS 7. Below is the iTunes preview link:

download photo slideshow director hd pro from app store

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4. Add Music

Tap the music icon (the second icon) to access your iPad music library.  Then you just tap to add one or more songs to the project. Tap the music in the timeline to prompt the background music list.

add music

In the background music list, you can play music, delete music and arrange music order.

background music list

5. Customize Duration

To customize photo duration and transition duration, tap the time number in the timeline. In the pop-up screen, you can adjust photo duration and transition duration for the current slide. You can also tap the lock icon to lock duration for the slide. Tap “Apply To All” to apply the duration to all the slides.

set duration

6. Sync Music with Slideshow

Tap the clock icon, and you will be able to sync the music with the slideshow. The feature is especially useful for creating a music slideshow.

sync music with slideshow

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