Photo Slideshow Director HD Pro Guide (4) – Edit Photo

By | October 25, 2013

Photo Slideshow Director HD ProWith Photo Slideshow Director HD Pro, you can easily make photo music slideshow movies on iPad with transitions, theme, text, subtitle, Pan & Zoom, effects, etc. There are also options to add blank slides, rearrange slide order, save slides, sort slides, and more.

Photo Slideshow Director HD Pro is available on the iTunes App Store. It is compatible with iOS 5, iOS 6 and the new iOS 7. Below is the iTunes preview link:

download photo slideshow director hd pro from app store

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9. Edit Photo

Add Text

Tap the pencil icon (the fifth icon) to go to the editing options. Then you can add text to the current slide.

add text

Add Subtitle

You can also add subtitle to the current slide.

add subtitle

Photo Editor

There is also a built-in photo editor tool which offers a variety of photo editing functions.

photo editor

Pan & Zoom

pan and zoom

Save Current Slide


Tap a slide in the time icon and then tap the pencil icon. You will see there are 4 icons in the pop-up row.

edit slide

The list icon (the first icon) lets you arrange the photo order. The delete icon (the second icon) lets you delete the current slide. The third icon is for Pan & Zoom settings and the fourth one goes to the Photo Editor.

Arrange Photo Order

To change the slide order, you can directly hold the slide in the timeline to prompt it. Then you can move forwards or backwards to change its order.

Or you can sort the photos by either file name or date created.

sort slides

Randomize the photo order by tapping the Shuffle button.

shuffle slides

You can also enable the Delete option to delete unwanted slides.

delete slides

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