Make Photo Slideshow with Pan & Zoom

By | September 29, 2013

A slide show with Pan & Zoom effects helps to turn your still photos dynamic. You can use the Pan & Zoom feature to control the coming and going directions of the photos in your slideshow. To create a slideshow movie or burn a slideshow DVD with photos, the customization of Pan & Zoom effects is indispensable. And this function can be easily found on any excellent slideshow software.

The DVD Photo Slideshow lets you create slideshow with Pan & Zoom effects with ease. With this slideshow maker, you can simply choose a custom preset Pan & Zoom effect, like Zoom In, Zoom Out, Pan From Left to Right, Zoom Out from Down to Up, etc. Or you can set Pan, Zoom and Rotate for the the starting position and the ending position by yourself. For the Pan, you can set the starting coordinate and ending coordinate. For the Zoom, you can enlarge (Zoom In) or shrink (Zoom Out) the beginning and ending of the slide. And for the Rotate, you can adjust the direction of the beginning and ending of the slide by rotate from -360 degree to 360 degree. The within the transition duration, the slide will be smoothly transited from the starting to the ending. If you have also specified transition effect for the slide, then the process is also accompanied with the effect.

Slideshow with Pan & Zoom

To use this feature, download and install DVD Photo Slideshow onto your computer. Then create a project and add photos to it from your computer. Double click any of the photos under the Album Photo tab or in the timeline, and you will go to the Photo Configuration window. There you will be able to set Pan & Zoom effects for the current slide.

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