Best Slideshow Music Suggestion

By | October 14, 2013

slideshow music

There are numerous reasons to make photo slideshows, like for weddings, birthdays, baby birth, festivals, business presentations, funerals, to name just a few. Whatever the reason is, the music to go with the slideshow is indispensible. Almost any slideshow software has the option to add songs as the background music. Some even allow you to add music from various sources and provide you with the options to edit the music.

If you happen to be working on a slideshow project and need to find one or several songs to match the slideshow, you got the right place. Below is a list of slideshow music recommendation links covering sports, Fathers’ Day, wedding, friendship, graduation, valentine, birthday, Christmas and baby.

Type Link Number Software
Sports Sports Slideshow Music 30 Sports Slideshow Maker
Father’s Day Father Slideshow Music 20 Father Slideshow Maker
Birthday Birthday Slideshow Music 30 Birthday Slideshow Maker
Baby Baby Slideshow Music 40 Baby Slideshow Maker
Wedding Wedding Slideshow Music 45 Wedding Slideshow Studio
Graduation Graduation Slideshow Music 40 Graduation Slideshow Maker
Friendship Friendship Slideshow Music 50 Friendship Slideshow Software
Valentine Valentine Slideshow Music 30 Valentine Slideshow Creator
Christmas Christmas Slidesow Music 31 Christmas Slideshow Maker
New Year New Year Slidesow Music 19 New Year Slideshow Maker
Thanksgiving Thanksgiving Slidesow Music 40 Thanksgiving Slideshow Maker
Halloween Halloween Slideshow Music 40 Halloween Slideshow Maker