The perfect slideshow maker for your iPhone and iPad Slideshow+: App Review

By | December 23, 2011

Slideshow+ App ReviewThere are a lot of occasions when you would like to utilize your iPad’s or iPhone’s screen in a new and exciting way. Whether its turning your device into scary monster on Halloween, using your iPad as virtual candle for your dinner or decorating your house by using iPad as a digital picture frame on this holiday season.

Though we have seen a couple of apps which help you do this with your iPad but Slideshow+, the app we are going to talk about in the review is highly advanced due to the variety of customizations it offers.

You start by adding new images to your slideshow, either by directly taking a photo or from the camera roll. The pictures are added in a order which can be arranged later while you add individual transition effects to each image, background and text. The text and backgrounds are completely customizable with text with custom font types, styles, colour and sizes thus you make your memorable moments more remarkable by adding a comment below it. It’s also an interesting idea to create “thoughts of the day” kind of look by using backgrounds or your own images along with some of your favorite thoughts collection. Slideshow+ gives you multiple possibilities of its usage in your life.

The app comes with wide choices of slideshow themes which include unique backgrounds effects, image transitions effects, image sizes, borders, and different selective combination of these to be used quickly with your albums. While we love our beautiful memories in bright colors, some music makes it an even better experience. The slides can be edited independently and also all together. You get total control of how each slide is started and how it shows up along with the order it is displayed in.

If you wish to play similar effects with your photos stored in Picasa web album, flick album or facebook album you can simply login to these services from the app and start turning your album into an amazing piece of creativity.

Each album you customize is saved as a project on device and can be shared as movie on YouTube and Facebook, saved as movie to your photo library and viewed on your IPad or HDTV with HD support.

Slideshow+ is one of the most advanced and easy to use picture presentation app available on the app store. The app offers a good value for money with both versions – iPhone $1.99 and iPad $2.99. The iPad version of the app Photo Slideshow Director HD offers full HD 1080p support and more enhancements over the native iPhone version.

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