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Windows DVD Maker VS Photo DVD Burner

If you are a Windows 7 user, you may know it comes with a useful program called Windows DVD Maker. It will certainly be your choice if you just want to make a photo slideshow DVD or get your videos burned to DVD. Window DVD Maker will really help in this case. What if you want to make a photo slideshow for your iPhone/iPod that does not need burn slideshow to DVD? If so , I think this article may help you. In the following ,we will make a full comparison between Windows DVD Maker and Photo DVD Burner.

1, Album Theme

The theme can decorate the slideshow and show what your slideshow will be used for.

Windows DVD Maker: It does not support any kind of photo slideshow theme. So you may not show your theme of your slideshow better.

Photo DVD Burner: It provides you with up to 76 album theme templates, including wedding, birthday, valentine, baby, summer, winter, Christmas, Easter, graduation, etc. So you could choose different themes to express the meaning of album.

Windows DVD Maker VS Photo DVD Burner

2, DVD Menu

How do you create custom DVD menu templates? Well, you can do plenty of things with DVD menu editing function provided by most DVD burner software.

Windows DVD Maker: The most amazing part of Windows 7 DVD Maker which I assume will certainly be the 20+ animated menu templates, which most DVD burners don't provide. Also, it provides 10+ frame templates.

Photo DVD Burner: By contrast, Photo DVD Burner provides more than 80 free Menu template. Also you can add background music for the DVD Menu or change the menu’s background image.

Windows DVD Maker VS Photo DVD Burner

3,Output format

Windows DVD Maker: It can only burn your photos and videos to DVD, which will be helpful if you just want to burn your videos and photos to DVD to share with your friends and family.

Photo DVD Burner: Besides burning Photos and videos to DVD ,it can create web album, MPEG Movie, iPod/iPad/iPhone MPEG-4 Movie, SWF/FLV Movie, HD video and other videos, this function will definitely be a highlight to DVD Creator's value. So with it ,you can make a photo slideshow at ease.

Windows DVD Maker VS Photo DVD Burner

Conclusion: If you want to have your video and Photos burned to DVD, then Windows DVD Maker is for you. But ,if you want to make a wonderful photo slideshow with different output formats, Photo DVD Burner is the software to try.

Hopefully, this article will help you understand the difference between Windows DVD Maker and Photo DVD Burner. And if you know exactly what you need, you will make the right decision in no time.

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